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Fret not; do not fear, be not afraid...

The living word of our heavenly Father gives us this very command, the MOST repeated phrase in all the word.  Why would the Lord see fit to tell us this over and over if it weren't for our childlike position to Him.  To Him, our fears are irrational, almost insulting, as He knows the truth, the reality of our situations, and know He has it all under control.  Just as a parent comforts a child afraid of the boogy man under his bed.  The father tells the child, "don't be afraid, do you think I would ever let anything happen to you? Don't be silly!" 

 Doubt and fear are the single most useful tool of the enemy. A little doubt, a little fear is just the yeast He speaks of spreading throughout the dough of our minds.  They are insidious and unrelenting when we feed them our energy. When you spend your energy worrying, fretting, you are focusing all your energy on the very thing you don't want to happen. You are not walking in faith and not truly believing in His promises for you.  You are living in that prison built with walls that don't actually exist. 

 So, in His never-ending mercy, He reminds us, DAILY, to intentionally put fear down in the face of His love for us, and walk in the bold confidence He has called us to. Ask yourself...what if you weren't afraid?  What if fear, doubt and shame had no bearing in your life?  What amazing things would you walk into, allow for yourself or just believe?  Your challenge today is to look for the fear in your thinking. Look for the things you stop yourself from doing or saying because of guilt, fear or shame.  Look at the lies you have been telling yourself based on fear. Then, please allow the Holy Spirit to minister to your heart with HIS truth. Look to the word for what GOD says about the lie you are believing. Then make HIS truth your truth and you will watch fear make an exit, stage left!

Your Inner Voice

Some call it intuition, some call it a gut feeling, but this voice is an important aspect of who we are. How many time do we hear ourselves say "I was going to do that, but I thought against it"? , Or, "I thought of that, but it was too......." fill in the blank. How often do we turn away our destiny because we thought twice about it? We are all given a spirit that has a direct line to knowledge and experience that is outside our realm of experience. Unless that voice is that of an addiction or compulsion, we are usually wise to really explore the leading of our inner voice and give it more weight than the fear or anxiety that that choice represents. Allow your inner voice to have more leeway, follow the leading of the spirit inside you that has infinite more knowledge than you. Usually, that urging can lead to breakthroughs, opportunities or insights that we otherwise wouldn't have had. Learn to trust yourself. You are very valuable to the universe, and there is a power greater than yourself that actually does have your best interest at heart. Try it! Give your gut feelings a fighting chance. Don't let your past make decisions for your future. The more you follow your intuition, the happier you may be with the results!

Command Your Thoughts

A novel idea, commanding ones thoughts. It really is at the nut and butter of all the "secrets" of the world. It is the epitome of free will, the thoughts we allow ourselves. Scripture speaks to the thoughts we have in our hearts defining who we really are. So, if we actively choose to think on such things as scripture the "Secret" says. To "call out things that are not as though they ARE!!" This is the power of positive thinking. It's just that our thinking has too line up with the scripture. When the thoughts we have are the thoughts we ought to have, we ARE liberated, and inspired, our creativity set free!! This is really a root; a foothold, if you will, to the exact secret of happiness. Choice, go figure!!

Step Out

Without a doubt, it takes courage and determination to step out of your comfort zone and do something you've never done before. But, in kind, this also can always lead to personal growth. When you move from where you are to where you want to be, your soul experiences joy, empowerment and strength. The only true failure is not to try. Plunging into the sublime seas of the unknown will only lead to knowledge. It matters not whether you are successful, whether your goal is met or if you make it to your destination.....the point of the journey is the EXPERIENCE of the journey in and of itself. Just think, if you enter into a competition, and blink to the finish and emerge the winner, but do not experience the battle and gleen the fruit of the competition, you've learned will not be able to enter that same competition again with confidence of your success. Life is about stacking your experiences one on top of each other, raising you to a new level every time. And we can only take one step at a time. I think the most important thing is taking that step, savoring it, soaking in the new view that new step provides, absorbing the new information gained from that step and building upon to so as to reach the very next and only the next step. Wisdom is gained one step at a time!