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How it Works


 PSA 16:11


Coaching gently guides you to increase your level of spiritual awareness, enlightenment and growth; awakening you to a new way of seeing yourself and your world. Spiritual coaching will foster a deeper conscious contact with God the Creator, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Here we use age-old tools for spiritual growth and create shifts in your daily life that allow you to connect with God, come into agreement with His Word and His promises, and seek out His will for your life. This connection will enlighten you and feed your spirit, giving you the power and confidence to walk boldly into your future.


 Coaching can help foster and cultivate self-awareness. Our sessions will guide you on a path of self-discovery, learning the basic truths about what God says and thinks about you, enabling you to re-frame your self-concept, let go of the limiting "false beliefs", attend to those facets of yourself you would like to change, and learn to truly appreciate and love yourself. Only when things are brought into awareness is one able to fundamentally change. I am with you every step of the way and look forward to embarking on such a journey with your soul. When you’re ready, anything is possible.


Nothing is more compelling than owning your identity in Christ, walking in the all the rights and endowments that come with being a child of the Creator. This identity is the driving force to build self-confidence and self-esteem. Self-confidence changes your perspective. Previous fears and worries about yourself, those around you and your world will begin to dissipate. A new reality will set in. Coaching enables you to tremendously increase your levels of self-confidence through insight ownership and awareness. You'll begin feel forgiven, connected, fulfilled, joyous and free. You'll live in the moment and with love for your true self. You'll uncover your true gifts and learn how to use them in your life and your work to make a contribution to our world.


Relationships are the fabric of our lives. We will begin with a basic understanding of the relationship that God is calling us to have with Him. What does that look like for you and how can you deepen and strengthen that relationship. From that understanding, all other relationship dramatically shift into a new concept of learning to love others. You'll also build relationships skills such as communication & setting boundaries. The quality of your relationships directly affects the quality of your life. The fundamental principle for building strong and lasting relationships starts with the relationship you have with God and yourself.


The coaching approach to organization is about getting serious with your life. How busy are you? How well are you living? Organizational Coaching enhances personal management, time management and work-life balance. We identify what is not working and what is working in your life. We set new boundaries, balance work and family and teach you self-management skills. We set a plan of action for clearing out the clutter, zapping tolerations, creating space for new energy and bringing high quality living into your life.

Time management and Procrastination

Managing time is a big part of my work. We will look at realistic expectation setting and use of time. Clients tend to walk away with many new hours in their schedule to devote to their new purpose.

Procrastinators no more, Clients will get clarity around the cause of their procrastination and practice new behaviors that put this frustrating habit to rest.