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About Me

My Passion

It has always been my passion to help people problem solve and navigate through the damaging affects of life. I realized as a young child that I loved helping people and that I was very good at asking the right questions; often inspiring that "Aha" moment. I truly love helping people see beyond the noise and circumstance to see the behind the scene players and the underlying factors. I have always worked in a counseling profession and seem to use my gift no matter where I go.  

My Goal

My Goal with Abba's Path Life Coaching is to help guide and focus any willing individual to find the path to their happiness and divine purpose. I seek to help you find vision in all areas of your life and then learn to focus on your goals, follow a plan of action and meet your destiny.  By empowering individuals with the mental/spiritual tools necessary to overcome strongholds and negative patterns of behavior, I am contributing to the betterment of this little corner of the universe and giving love and positive energy to all I can. 

My Training

My Undergraduate Degree is in Psychology and I graduated Dallas Baptist University with a Masters Degree in Counseling.  I went on to take several classes and training in career counseling, resume writing/interviewing techniques, psychological testing, addiction/recovery, auricular acupuncture, and nutritional/herbal education.   I eventually continued with my professional certification as a Professional Life Coach as well as Qualified Mental Health Professional. My own personal hobbies have given me extensive knowledge in the power of energies, meditation and progressive relaxation techniques.