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Covid-19 Response Management

We are all suffering from the side effects of this pandemic.  Social isolation, increased anxiety, strained relationships, financial impacts and addressing virtual learning are only a few of the new realities we are all dealing with.  None of this is easy and it does not seem to be ending anytime soon.  So what are you to do? 

 As we are trying to adjust to this new normal, it is so important to give time and attention to personal needs and developing a working "new normal" for ourselves.  Keeping a balance of active faith and hope, personal care and service to others, work and play is much difficult to maintain without intention.  

This is where Life Coaching comes in.  Coaching will help you to become intentional about your time, your energy and your thinking, allowing you to be successful at achieving and maintaining that balance. Coaching also allows you to take the time necessary to evaluate and pay attention to your emotional and spiritual needs, learn new ways of positive expression and how to get out of your own way. 

In response to the pandemic, I am offering my services at a discounted rate for all those impacted by Covid-19. 

 For a limited time, I am offering Covid Fatigue Management, 90 minute sessions for $90

 This is Typically a $250.00 value

These sessions will help you develop a plan to address stress management, organizational skills, time management and self care.  It has been my experience that these are the areas that we generally put aside when we are in crisis mode.  Don't wait till you become completely overwhelmed, take a proactive step and reach out today.  A little bit of coaching can go a long way.  Sometimes, direction and intent are all we need. 

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Our Services

Personal Coaching

Individual Coaching for the benefit of the individual and their immediate environment.  Areas focused on are

Health/Physical Well-being, Career/Work/School, Recreation/Leisure, Money/Finances, Spiritual/Personal Development, Family/Friend Relationships. 


Kids can benefit from coaching too!

Career and Business Coaching

Career Coaching to include career satisfaction, success/motivation levels and skill building; Job search resources, interview skills and resume writing.  Business coaching develops clarity in the owners vision, teaches team building skills and conflict resolution, fosters individual performance in a business context and helps executives develop leadership skills.

Resources and Links

Abba's Path Life Coaching will provide you with up to date research, information and referrals on an as needed basis.  Many resources are provided on this page along with useful links to informational web-sites, free downloads and community connections.

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