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Happy New Year!

As a Special Motivating Gift to start off your New Year with a plan, I am offering a 

90 Minute Lazer Session at no cost! 

This session will enable you to clarify your goals, identify stumbling blocks and learn how to focus on what is important to you.  This is a value of $185.00!!  I am offering this free to you to get you started on your journey. This will also give you a glimpse into what regular coaching can do to turn around your life. This is a no obligation, totally free session as my gift to you.

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What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is for the brave of heart who are willing to live their best life. Life Coaching is exactly what it says, a coach to help you do life.

 For some reason, we as a people are made to believe that we are not to burden others and should handle our problems alone. 

Well, if we had all the answers, there would be no struggle. 

Now, there is a significant difference between struggling with a serious mental health disorder and simply struggling with the ups and downs, twists and turns and the accomplishments and failures of life. 

Coaching will guide you to discover who you really are, what you truly WANT, and what you're willing to do to get there. 

Coaching can help you create vision and set goals in specific areas of your life and provide you with the motivation and encouragement to actually follow through. 

Good Coaching should always keep that vision in mind and provide you with the tools necessary to overcome your fears, tear down your strongholds and encourage you to walk your journey with strength and integrity. 

      Abba's Path Life Coaching

Abba's Path Life Coaching is founded on the principles that we are all created by a loving God, who simply wants relationship with us.  

I believe that relationship is facilitated and nurtured through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. 

 It is through this relationship that we​ are intrinsically connected to the planet, to the universe​ and it's Creator. 

This relationship allows us to truly comprehend the nature of our identity, the gifts we have been given and what we are supposed to do with them. 

This is a personal relationship, a spiritual relationship, dictated not by religion but by the individual investment into the personal experience.  

This relationship  will guide you onwards down the path meant just for you, help you heal and recover from old wounds and find passion and fun along the way.

Our Services

Personal Coaching

Individual Coaching for the benefit of the individual and their immediate environment.  Areas focused on are Health/Physical Well-being, Career/Work, Recreation/Leisure, Money/Finances, Spiritual/Personal Development, Family/Friend Relationships. 

Career and Business Coaching

Career Coaching to include career satisfaction, success/motivation levels and skill building; Job search resources, interview skills and resume writing.  Business coaching develops clarity in the owners vision, teaches team building skills and conflict resolution, fosters individual performance in a business context and helps executives develop leadership skills.

Resources and Links

Abba's Path Life Coaching will provide you with up to date research, information and referrals on an as needed basis.  Many resources are provided on this page along with useful links to informational web-sites, free downloads and community connections.

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